Lilly Lindner, aus "Bevor ich falle", S.176

"Da war ich für die Dauer eines Augenblicks wortstill.
Denn schöne Sätze haben einen Ausklang verdient.
Ohne Unterbrechung."

Blogging in english!

06th of October, 2014
Good evening out there!

Yes, you're seeing it right; this post is written in english!
Today I saw a post on another book-blog about this project; I was curious but also a bit excited/nervous. Maybe I already knew, that I would participate, but I was not sure, so I thought about it some time.
But now the choice is made and here is my first english post!

Yes, it's a bit weird to write in english... and to know, that this post is going to be published.
But this - yes, project is a good way to practise and to get confidence in your english. And it's fun, too!
The inventor is Christine from *Books and Cupcakes*, who had this idea while jogging without music (you see, sport is not always bad (but I don't always like jogging... or much sport... only sometimes...)) and every one has the chance to be a part of this idea! 
This challenge lasts 3 month, till the 31st of december. The minimum are three posts in this time, the posts can be about whatever you want.

And don't be afraid! My english is not the best, and I know that! It's logical to me, that, or any other translator will be my best friend during this time, and it's also logical to me, that I make many mistakes, but that's okay! Nobody cares, nobody will look at your text and laugh or count the mistakes.
You do this for yourself, to get confidence and to practise.
So, come on! We do this together!:)

I try to blog in british english, but probably it's a mix of different styles.
You can use both banners; the second one I created by myself. The tree has no deep, philosophical meaning, I just wanted some colour; the world and the plane made of paper symbolise that english is a world wide spoken language.

Yeah, that's it! I'm a bit tired, so please excuse some of the mistakes in this post.
I hope that many more bloggers decide to participate!

Good night! <3

p.s. (is it also correct in english??) please take a minute and leave your opinion in a comment under the following post: *NEW HEADER*  I'm searching for a new header and I'd like to read more of your opinions.:)


  1. I freaking love your Banner! It is gorgeous! Since you are nervous about your English. It was awesome ;)
    I am really looking forward to your next posts

  2. Hey there :)

    I just discovered your blog because of the challenge in which I participate, too. And I absolutely fell in love with your blog and your STUNNING own banner for the challenge. I'm gonna use this for my blog, too, if that's alright with you. OMG still can't stop staring because it's so beautiful. :D

    Do you know already what you're gonna post? Do you translate your English blog posts into German, too?

    Looking forward to reading some more of you soon (not only the English ;) )


  3. Here again; thank you for your lovely comments!
    It's fabulous (I just wanted to use this word one time) to me, that you like my banner!

    <3 Rubin


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