Lilly Lindner, aus "Bevor ich falle", S.176

"Da war ich für die Dauer eines Augenblicks wortstill.
Denn schöne Sätze haben einen Ausklang verdient.
Ohne Unterbrechung."

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Happy Halloween all together!
How are you on this dry autumn day?
Today I want to present you some english books in my life and in my mind. The "types" you can read in the title. I've been working on this post for quite a long time, with some pauses too. School really occupies me and I have neither time to read, nor to write. But now it's finally done.
Please ignore the mistakes I probably make ;)

First I start with the question,
It's because of one simple reason: the last book I read was in english and I finished it... on sunday, two weeks ago.(And other reasons are, that I worked a lot on my own book, because I re-read and correct it and I have to work everyday a lot for school. So there's nearly no time to write and often I'm too tired.:o )
But now here's finally a new review!
I think you might know one of the two movies, or maybe even the book - "The Great Gatsby" written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.
I bought it two weeks ago on monday. It's for my english "LK" in school. I made a little schedule, that I read one chapter a day. Just a short note; it wasn't always possible. All of them have 20 to 30 pages, which is quite a lot, even if it doesn't seem like it. We read the "Klett"-edition, which is pretty good, because nearly half of every page (maybe less) is filled with vocabulary, which is impossible to understand without those lists. But there were also other words I had to look up. And I didn't understand every part. Some times I sat there and was like "What do he want to tell me? What is he talking about?" It took a lot of time to translate and to find a way into and through the book.
And I don't really know why, but I enjoyed reading this book; in my opinion the story is kind of fascinating, also the time in which it takes place (the roaring twenties). Maybe because I've seen the film with Leo DiCabrio before, I had images in my mind. It was interesting to see how the characters interact with each other and change. And also his style of writing was *I have no idea how to describe it*. I liked this, yeah - challenge to read this book. 
Anyway - to end this little review: It was hard to read, but I feel good, because I finished it. And maybe the best side effect is, that I already notice how my english gets better. I think it's the best you can do to improve your english! 

This is probably the shortest part of this post, because there are only 2 and a half books I have already read in english. (Without the little ones in school, like "Batman begins")
The first one is "The fault in our stars" written by John Green. *here is a little review and some other stuff about reading in english*
It's a really, really good book and I enjoyed enormously to read it. It was quite easy to understand, because I've read the german one before.
The second one is "The Great Gatsby", about which I'm talking in this post, if you might know. ;)
Yes, and this mysterious half book is "The last letter from your lover" from Jojo Moyes. But it didn't catch me fancy, so I stoped reading it. I tried to get into the book for a long period of time, but - I don't know why - it wasn't possible.

This part might be a bit longer, because I have exactly 4 and a half english books in my bookshelf, I have not read yet.
It's not really surprising, but the one half is the other half of "The last letter from your lover". I don't think it's necessary to add something at this place.
Then there is "The girl you left behind", also from Jojo Moyes, but it don't really interests me, also because I didn't like the other book I have from her.
The recent english book, which found it's way into my bookshelf is "Twilight" from Stephanie Meyer. I bought it on a market for used books for less than 3€.

"Before I fall" I discovered two years ago on amazon and the text I've read interested me directly! It was really a coincidence. And today it finally arrived! I ordered it last Saturday on
And the last one is "Frankenstein" and to be honest I'm a bit proud of it. It has been in my bookshelf for a pretty long time and it was a present from my father. I look forward to read it, although I can imagine, that it's really difficult to read.

Let's come to the next and last part.
With the time my wishlist has grown and grwon; Other english books I discovered by coincidence were "Let me fall before I fly", and also "Alice's adventures in wonderland".
I've read "Looking for Alaska" in german - and because this course of action worked well on "The fault in our stars", I want to read this one in english too.
And now there are only two books left.
"Anna and the french kiss" - a really lovely lovestory. I MUST have and read it in english. :3
"The iron trial" sounds so interesting! The whole story!

So, that's it! I hope this post isn't too boring:p tried to keep it short.

Do you know any of these books? Which one do you prefer or which one do you want to read? 
Do you want me to write the next post bilingual (english/german)?

Happy pink hair day
yours <3

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